Building Commitee


  • The Parish Building Committee is comprised of clerics and parishioners who act as a consultative body to the pastor. The pastor is assigned the ultimate responsibility for the overall administration of the parish. The parish building committee is designed to be a consultative (not management) advisory body, to assist the Pastor in identifying and providing inputs in constructing property and building needs. Consultative role is theological based in keeping with the nature of the Church and Canon Law.


Tasks of the Building Committee

  • To convene by the vision or directive of the pastor to address the needs of the parish.
  • To evaluate needs that new construction, renovation or remodeling can meet to align improvements with the Church vision and mission statement.
  • To research by gathering inputs from the assembly in surveying the members to identify skills and resources they might offer and studying the impact on the neighborhood.
  • To identify zoning laws or ordinances of the city.
  • To study and review the effect of the change under consideration on water, sewage and electrical systems, and potential liability for road and parking access.
  • To interview architects and contractors for preliminary plans.
  • To facilitate subcommittees in gathering inputs for planning and designing new facilities.
  • To inform the congregation the master plan, proposed projects, costs, and timeline.
  • To assist the pastor in presenting and seeking approval of the Diocesan commission to launch the project.
  • To monitor the building project to its completion through direct attention and communication to the pastor during the building phases.
  • The building committee chair and co-chair serve as the points of contact for decision and guidance needed by the architect and contractors selected and seeking decision making from the pastor.
  • Keeping the committee members, church staff and the congregation informed of progress and setbacks.


Master Plan Status

  • The parish is seeking the approval from the Diocese of the Church Master Plan with First Phase. Will inform the parish members as soon as approval from the Diocese.
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