Officers 2016-2018

Ginnie Bucek President
Jane Kahanek Vice President
Lillian Woodlee Treasurer
Amelia Macalua Secretary

CWO Mission Statement

The primary mission of this organization is to provide and care for St. Jude’s altar and sanctuary. We will also promote fellowship and unity among all women of the parish and strive to build a strong Catholic community through active participation in parish activities and works of charity.

Upcoming Meetings:

September 5
October 3
November 7
December 5

Meetings held 1st Wednesday of the month

Rosary at 6:30 PM
Mass at 7:00 PM
Meeting to follow Mass in the St. Jude Center


Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel

God of heavenly wisdom, you have given us Mary, Mother of Jesus, to be our guide and counselor. Grant that we may always seek her motherly help in this life and so enjoy her blessed presence in the life to come.

O Mother of Good Counsel, patroness of the national Council of Catholic Women, intercede for us, that we may be wise, courageous and loving leaders of the church. Help us, dear mother, to know the mind of Jesus, your son. May the Holy Spirit fill us with reverence for God’s creation, and compassion for all God’s children. May our labors of love on earth enhance the reign of God and may God’s gifts of faith and living hope prepare us for the fullness of the world to come.