Providing a safe and secure environment for our children, youth and the vulnerable is a priority of the Diocese of Fort Worth and of St. Jude Catholic Church in Mansfield, TX.  Therefore, all employees and volunteers must attend a 3-hour, in person, Safe Environment Awareness Session.

The new VIRTUS Safe Environment Awareness Program, “Protecting God’s Children”, will be offered at different parishes around the Diocese of Forth Worth. To register for a session, follow the steps below. 


Parish Volunteer or Employment Requirements

PRIOR TO THE START OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE OR EMPLOYMENT and as a condition of continued, employment or other volunteer service, all Clergy, Religious, Lay Employees and Volunteers are required to fulfill the following mandatory steps:

  1. Completion of the Volunteer Ministry Application, including the names and contact information of 3 (non-family member) references, who will be contacted.
  2. Signed Code of Conduct & Behavior Standards for All Clergy, Religious and Lay Ministers.
  3. Successful completion of the Safe Environment Training.
  4. Signed Authorization for Release of Information form
  5. Satisfactory completion of a criminal background check.

Safe Environment training is also required for participation in or volunteering for activities or events that are not specifically designed to minister to children/youth, but for which it is reasonable to think that they may at times have contact with children outside the sight or hearing of other responsible adults, (e.g. due to the facilities, location, time, or likely presence of children/youth in the proximity of the activities or events).

For further information or questions regarding these policies, contact the Director of Safe Environment.

Steps: Before attending a live session, all participants must register with VIRTUS online

  1. Go to
  1. Click on First Time Registrant
  1. Click on Begin the Registration Process
  1. Select your Diocese (St. Jude = Diocese of Fort Worth)
  1. Create your credentials
  2. Complete personal information
  3. Sign Code of Conduct Form
  4. Print out Volunteer Ministry Application Form, complete it and turn in to your Parish as soon as possible.
  5. Complete References
  6. Select the Protecting God’s Children’s for Adults awareness session you would like to attend. You will be e-mailed to confirm your attendance.  Be sure to remember your login information and e-mail you used during this registration process when you attend.

(Please note that space is limited and you must register for a session in order to attend and receive credit)

  1. Once you have received credit for attending a live session a background check will be processed. Only after a background check has shown it has cleared will you be able to participate as a volunteer or employee.


Director of Safe Environment at St. Jude
Ms. Julie Rios
500 E Dallas St. Mansfield, TX 76063
817-473-6709 Ext. 102